Welcome to Hook Schools Parents Association

** New website coming soon **


Did you know we have changed our name?! We are now a Parent, Teacher and Friends association and have become the Hook Schools Community Association! We are still raising much needed money for both the Hook Schools but running a variety of fundraising events. Check out our Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/HSCA.org.uk

 New website will reflect all changes.




Tried the fantastic Hook Gin yet? 

Hook Gin is now on sale via the following link: https://gorillaspirits.co.uk/shop/hook-gin/
Made locally by Gorilla Spirits, Hook Gin is a citrus fronted, classic London Dry Gin with a delicate floral note from rose petals which Gorilla Spirits used to signify the Hampshire emblem. 
A significant amount of the profit of every bottle bought goes to the HSCA (£5 per bottle). If you like gin, we urge you to try it - you will be helping to raise money for the schools by doing so. 
Many thanks for all your support! For over 18’s only!