Welcome to Hook Schools Parents Association

Beer Festival at the Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft

Saturday 6th May - 7pm - 11pm

Tickets £6 from school offices and Trees Newsagents. Over 18s only.

Beers from Andwells, Longdog, Mash, Little London, Sherfield Village with a side selection of cask session ales, full flavour porters, golden ales, ruby ales and several ciders from Mr Whitehead's in Farnham - a total of about 15 different drinks. All beers and ciders £3 per pint and sold in pints, halves and thirds.

Cold snacks and soft drinks will also be avaailble.

Sunday 21st May - Hook Fun Run BBQ and Ice Creams

Saturday 8th July - 11am - 2pm - Summer Fair

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